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WestPointBridge Design Contest

For this project, you would enter a contest to design the most efficient, least expensive bridge. The software for the project should be on your computer, if it is not, you can request its installation by Mr. Connors.


The competition has you make the best bridge design you can and compete the design against those from other students across the country. According to the notes of the project, teams of two students generally do better than solo entrants. With this in mind, you should first work individually, communicating techniques with your partner, then begin to develop a collaborative design. Exactly how you would share the duties of the project is something you will have to work out.



As you work with the software, you should save screenshots of the designs, and you should save the files themselves. You should not begin a fresh design every class. Your designs should improve in quality, and should not fail when tested.



Create a page on your wiki called WestPointBridge You should make screen shots of your designs. You should add text explaining what you have done to the page. You should save your files online either in your wiki or on your box.net account.



You must enter the competiton to do this project. You will also have to submit at least one design before the end of the school year. If you do not enter the competiton or do not submit a design, then the highest term grade you may get will be a C.

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