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This is a new project, and will require participants to keep an open mind to the evolving nature of the assignment. You can create lots of interesting stuff on your own, but you can really do amazing things when you work in a group. Each group member needs to be responsible for his or her own part. You may start this project when you are ready, or when you are assigned by your teacher.

  1. Identify a project that you and at least two classmates can work on
  2. Come up with some criteria for the product
  3. Identify some standards that are important like sizes and connecting points
  4. Post the requirements for your group on one of your wikis
  5. Call the page SketchUpCollaborationStandards
  6. Each group member makes a link to the collaboration standards
  7. Each group member designs a product that meets the standards
  8. The other group members can download and combine the files in an assembly

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