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Subject: RE: web tech support request



We have a training video that will help you out. The cost of the video is 195.00. Your info says you have a PRTalpha purchased in 2001. The alpha was first released April 2004. You may have a PRT or you may have filled in the wrong date.

Did you buy this machine from us new? If you did you have a software package called Part Wizard. This is a CAD/CAM package and will allow you to generate a tool path from the vectors you got from your drawing software, it will also turn the tool path into a Shopbot cutting file that you can run with the Shopbot control software. The current Shopbot software is version 3.4.8 and it can be downloaded for free from our web site www.Shopbottools.com there is a version for PRT and PRTalpha. If you are unsure as to which tool you have the alpha has a large aluminum control box and the PRT has a light tan computer mid tower for a control box. Let us know if we can help. Thank you Tim



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