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Hovercraft build process


Soldering Technique


Placement of hole in bottom tray

Considerations when working with foam

find hole for tray, balance of hovercraft depends on placement

thrust shroud adds weight to back, so weight must be balanced forward

cut hole, diameter should be less than popsicle stick length


cut hamburger bin in half

cut same size hole in cabin top as in bottom tray (skirt)

make hole for switch

Popsicle sticks

drill center hole

motor should sit flat on stick

leave the ends on the stick, don't shorten

glue stick to motor

attach motor and stick to bottom tray


solder wires to the motors before attaching to base

solder wires to switch before adding to cabin

then glue motors into place

twist wires together before soldering

connection techniqe

Circuit design

Thrust motor

cup technique

aluminum flashing

paper for focusing thrust air


styrofoam tray

popsicle stick



hamburger box

shrink tube

wire cutters

9v snap



2 propellers

hot melt glue

low temp glue gun

weights for balance

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