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We will create google earth friendly renderings for the buildings in Hall's Corner. This project will tie in to the design your campus project in that it will give everybody some basic experience designing for Google Earth. As a group collaboration project, it will require each person to make designs that are compatible with those of the rest of the class. All files should be referenced to Google Earth. Ultimately, we will want our work to become part of the base layer of Google Earth, so users of that software will see our work when they turn buildings on.


Here are the photos - http://flickr.com/photos/connors934/sets/72157600021810275/



We will use photos of the buildings to show textures. Use a minimum of surface detail and geometry. Delete all hidden views. Use components whenever possible.


Each person will:

  • Maintain a HallsCornerSketchUp documentation page showing your work and process
  • Use screenshots and text to explain what you are working on
  • Update your HallsCornerSketchUp documentation daily
  • create at least two to five buildings modelled in a Google Earth friendly manner.
  • Upload your files to the warehouse
  • Tag your files HallsCorner in addition to dhscad duxbury dhscadSpring07 and descriptors of the building
  • use the street Address of the building as the title for the file (5 Standish Street, 1 Bay Road, etc)
  • Use photos for the detail
  • If you need to make more photos, go for it
  • If you need photos made, speak up

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