In this project, you will make a functioning device with easy to work materials, and use Computer Aided Design to show your design. This can be a group project in which everybody makes a version of the device and has a hand in designing the components.


Here is the design process


You will begin with a kit that has some instructions and materials.

Read the instructions, build the kit.

Make some variations on the construction and assembly of the kit

Use CAD to draw each of the parts

Each member of the group builds their own, and CADs up some of the parts

There will be multiple versions of the parts with different sizes and dimensions

Assemble the parts in an assembly document

Gather some information on how this device actually works and why. This info needs to be on your wiki

Test the various versions of your design, record the results of the testing

For data, you should have drawings, pictures, words, test data, etc


At the end of the project you and your group will explain what you have found out about the design through a combination of web page documentation, physical objects, movies, pictures etc.


Here are a few project ideas:

foam based airplane