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The Cell Phone Holder project is a quick way of getting into the DesignProcess.

Define the Problem, Research The Problem, Develop Possible Solutions, Choose the Best Solution, Create a Prototype, Test and Evaluate, Communicate, Redesign


In this project, you will make a paper version of a protective cell phone holder. If you would rather design something for and mp3 player or camera, that would be fine, but keep in mind that this is intended to be a quick project.


After you have thought a bit about what you as a consumer of a product like this would need, you should ask a few people about their interests and needs for a holder. Record these needs in writing for future reference.


Make some drawings that incorporate some of these needs or criteria. Pick one of the better, more buildable designs and make it with heavy paper and tape. If you want to add surface designs, you can show where important features are. Don't get too hung up on being super precise, but do work with care and attention to detail.


Try it out on your device, see how it feels. Make a drawing of what you created. Measure the holder to determine the surface area. Knowing the area will help you determine costs. Area = Length X Width Find the area of each panel, then add them up. This will be your total area.


Calculate the manufacturing costs:

A square meter of material has 100 cm on each side, so 100 x100 = 10,000 cm squared

Divide 10,000 by your total area, this will tell you how many you can make with a meter of material. 10,000/ _ = ____

Material cost is $30 per yard or meter. Divide $30 by the number of holders you get from a meter of material. This is your material cost. $30/ __ = ____

In this project, labor is 3 times materials. Multiply your material cost by 3 to get your labor cost. 3 x __ = __

This gives you your total manufacturing cost per unit.


Now you need to pack them into a case, determine your profit and ship them to the vendor.

The case measures 30 cm x 45 cm x 25

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