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  1. Copy the questions below and paste them into a page on your wiki called FinalExam.
  2. Answer the questions below to the best of your ablility.
  3. Complete, well thought out responses are worth more than brief answers with little substance.
  4. If time allows, we will have a group discussion about the semester.
  5. Print out your exam, staple multiple sheets together and wait silently until all students have completed.
  6. Make sure your documentation of projects is complete.
  7. Hand in any work that has not been submitted.


  1. Make three objects that use at least three of the following features: Revolve, Extrude, Round Edges, loft through profiles and sweep along trajectory. Assemble the parts.
  2. Upload the parts and assembly to your wiki and create a link to them. Upload a screen shot of each part. Create screen shots of your assembly in orthographic and isometric. Label the views. Display the images no wider than 200 pixels.
  3. Discuss your final project. (Sketchup, West Point Bridge, Fabrication) What was the most useful thing you learned from it? How will you be able to use the information from your final project outside of class?
  4. What was the most interesting and useful thing you learned from this class. Explain.

Make sure your documentation of projects is complete. Hand in any work that has not been submitted.

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